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The Human Rights Bill 1998, The Equalities act 2010 (FAIRER Scotland), Patient Rights (Scotland) Bill rights 2011 (2019), Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, and The Social Security (Scotland) Bill 2017, legally stipulate that Scottish governing bodies and respective organizations have a responsibility to be working from a human rights-based approach (HRBA)

Our SQA approved training is in place to accommodate frontline organizations and individuals becoming synonymous with government legislation and current strategies.

Despite being a small organization made up of  4

( And the impacts from Covid-19 )...

...Reach has delivered the award to 23 individuals

led 7 workshops to 105 frontline staff...

...Our presentations at Universities has led for an increased demand for the training from 35 organizations

As well as this, there are

15 NHS boards,

11 independent advocacy services and

130 individuals throughout the UK who have requested to enrol in the award. 


2019 -2020.

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