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As a lived experience and grassroots charity, the work of REACH is a reflection of our own experiences. Enduring first hand challenges with equal access to health and justice were the foundation for the development of our training, focused on spreading awareness of a human rights framework, so that people in similar positions can feel empowered to advocate for themselves and others. The work of REACH then focused on channelling those lived challenges into an advocacy service for others, which was the origin of this project, combining human rights principles into advocacy practice.


Now 10 years on, REACH has defined this practice, in celebration of the culmination of the experiences- both personal and professional- that have led to the development of our current Advocacy Practice Award and human rights awareness workshops. This definition is the reflection of continuous work to bring advocacy to the forefront as a mechanism for realising human rights and equality throughout society, particularly among the most marginalised and disadvantaged.


Human Rights based Advocacy (HRbA) is an intersectional approach that upholds the core principles of human rights – dignity, wellbeing, and fairness – as both the means and result of remedying injustice through informed representation. This promotes equality and justice for all human beings in every aspect of their lives, regardless of origin, identity, race, ethnicity, sex, gender, beliefs, language, or socioeconomic status. With universal human rights at its centre, HRbA can be applied across a multitude of issues that arise in the absence of, or threat to universal human rights. ©

Hear from our participants...

Participants from both our one day workshop and advocacy award training have shared their thoughts on the work of REACH Advocacy.

Workshop Participant

“I liked having open discussion with people from a variety of backgrounds, this helped gained better understand as well as knowledge I can implement in my current practice.”

Workshop Participant

“I found the whole day so interesting, engaging and relevant! I have not enjoyed a training like this for such a long time. The content was so relevant to my role. I just wish I had known this stuff earlier in my career. I really do hope that this approach is applied across Scotland as I really do think it could make all the difference and improve people's lives.”

Advocacy Award Graduate

"I would encourage anyone to do this course. Whether they work directly in advocacy or not.  This award can be used for anyone who wants to be more equipped to support people to understand their rights."

Publications related to our work.

Rights Based Advocacy as Intervention

         Authors: Iain McPhee, Barry Sheridan, Steve O'Rawe

Public Health Scotland MAT Benchmarking Report 

          June 2022, MAT 8 page 50

Scottish Drug Deaths Taskforce Evidence Paper

        August 2022, Page 173

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