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REACH Advocacy Practice Award,
SCQF level 7  .

REACH Advocacy Practice Award is a SCQF level 7 qualification which provides candidates with an education and training in Human Rights Based Advocacy.


The award consists of candidates participating in 6, 2.5hr teaching modules and a 12-14 week online program where candidates learn to build and develop a portfolio of human rights based case studies. These case studies will derive from candidates' own experiences where they will learn to apply the tools of a human rights based approach (FAIR model and PANEL principles). In doing this, candidates learn to embed a human rights based approach to advocacy through reflecting on their own experiences of delivering and/ or accessing services.  

Why study with REACH? .

SQA approved centre (1)_edited.png
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REACH deliver the only SQA accredited course in human rights based advocacy, therefore giving graduates a nationally recognised qualification. 


I am planning to use the Advocacy Award to start working in the 3rd sector on a full or part time basis. I am hopeful that this Award will give me the opportunity of gaining some sort of working role, to enable me to start building a career in this field in 2022.

What participants will learn...

Participants will learn about topics including: 

  • Social context around Health Inequality

  • Human Rights Legislation (UNDHR, ICESCR, The Human Rights Act (1998), The Equalities Act (2010))

  • Identifying Duty Bearers and Rights Holders

  • Educational tools to apply a Human Rights Approach (FAIR model and PANEL principles)

  • Advocacy (The role of an advocate, understanding the importance of confidentiality, professional boundaries, ethics and standards)

  • Report Writing

  • Harvard Referencing

  • Working through an SCQF qualification

Gaining access to information about support services

Being able to express their needs/ client needs and exert choice

Improved communication and advocacy skills

Empowerment through knowledge

Having their expertise formally recognised through the accreditation

participants benefits will include :

Wider community benefits : 

Supports the development of services that aim to achieve social justice, therefore reducing social exclusion.


Provides opportunities for individuals, families and communities to participate in collective human rights based advocacy.


Promotes the skills of people in the community to support and sustain a more equal and tolerant society.

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