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Through education and training we ensure people have the capabilities to enact their rights.


To put a positive face on Human Rights training through advocacy, education and campaigning

To develop and establish accredited training for individuals and families and communities


To provide advice, guidance and support for trained advocacy workers through CPD

To create and promote a safe network for trained advocates


To increase the visibility of Human Rights by active participation and training in local and national forums


To bring quality approved, quality assured training and accredited Advocacy Training to the Health & Social care field


To shape social policy to influence the distribution of resources that affects the social determinants of health and poverty.

Promote Human Rights



We are a human rights-based training organisation that is person centred

We passionately believe that everyone should be treated equally

We will defend social justice with the most vulnerable in our society

We will apply our knowledge and expertise through education, training and research

We ensure to use evidence based research in all areas of our work

We will hold duty bearers to account

We will empower individuals, strengthen communities and build workforce development in HRBA


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