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Holding a Book



In addition to the SQA quality assured award, REACH offer a 1 Day Awareness training workshop for lived/ living experienced individuals and staff. This workshop promotes awareness of the contributing factors to health inequality and equips individuals with a basic framework to start applying a human rights based approach in their personal lives and or with patients and clients within their working role.

The length of these workshops can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation (half day or full day workshops):

1 DAY 

 1 DAY WORKSHOP : Awareness of Human rights within advocacy.


Participants will learn about different models of advocacy, the different elements to an advocate/client relationship and an overview of human rights legislation. 


I just wish I could do it all over again! Will definitely be looking into the additional courses delivered by REACH. I had pretty high expectations given some of the initial feedback from colleagues but it did not disappoint. Freya and Ariane held the space so well, were really engaging and knowledgeable which really shone through.

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