• Freya Brock

RETHINKING FAIRNESS with Sir Michael Marmot

We are back! And what an apt theme to start thinking about going into the new year.

As we know from reports back in 2018 by Philip Alston, one fifth (14 million ) of Britain's population were living in poverty. From this same report, Alston predicted by 2021, close to 40% of children would be living in poverty. With the addition of a global pandemic in 2020, we can only imagine this number has risen exponentially.

Radio 4's program focuses on the health and social inequalities before and after the beginning of the pandemic, bringing back much needed attention to the stark inequality we see in Britain today. Sir Michael Marmot, author of the Marmot Review (2010), discusses 4 key areas which need to be addressed to end the high numbers of people living in poverty today.

Listen back to Radio 4's program here:

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