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Dr Iain McPhee and Reach Advocacy co-produced report

Reach Advocacy is excited to announce our collaboration with Dr Iain McPhee on his latest publication, "The Reach Advocacy Ltd. contribution to a human rights-based approach to implementing the MAT Standards". This publication is an evaluation of our work from April 2021 to March 2023, when we delivered MAT Standards and human rights-based approach awareness workshops and our accredited Reach Advocacy Practice Award across Scotland, through the CORRA Foundation Challenge Fund and partnership with Public Health Scotland.

Dr Iain McPhee is a Senior Lecturer at the University of the West of Scotland, with vast experience in interdisciplinary social science research, particularly around issues of health, substance use, criminal justice, and socioeconomic inequality. In this report, he provides not only an evaluation of our latest projects, but an essential background understanding of key topics related to human rights, substance use, poverty, and mental health. This report analyses the Scottish context of these areas, identifying the ongoing government strategies aimed at tackling harm and loss of life linked to these areas.

It is from within these areas, that Reach emerged, giving voice and purpose to lived experienced populations. Our work merges this lived experience with a human rights-based approach, which we incorporate throughout our education and training. Dr McPhee's evaluation of our work in this report, provides an empirical, evidence-based review of our delivery across Scotland. This emphasises the value of integrating top down strategies, with the bottom-up, grassroots approach of Reach.

Reach Advocacy Ltd. Evaluation
Download PDF • 1.27MB

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